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TruScore is a powerful, low cost, real time data service that allows lenders to avoid purchasing leads that are heavily shopped in our market place, or that which are highly fraudulent due to a form of data manipulation. With TruScore lenders can build custom rules and feed their risk models with over 150 new data points in efforts to improve their overall conversion rates while lowering their cost per funded loan.



Insight has partnered with one of the largest data co-ops of shared reputational data on IP addresses, email address, shipping addresses, phone numbers and devices in the US to provide a real time IP and email validation service, TruFraud. This fraud detection network represents over 2 billion transactions and events annually generated by thousands of global businesses ranging from independent online stores to Fortune 100 companies, and works to help protect online lenders from underwriting leads that are likely fraudulent. Lenders using TruFraud can build rules and feed their risk models with over 50 new data points, get access to industry-leading GeoIP2 intelligence (including proxy and anonymizer data), and insight into a borrowers email address accessibility rate. TruFraud has a positive impact on a portfolios ability to fund a good paying loan and can help catch fraudsters cycling between IP addresses, hiding behind proxies, and recycling bogus email addresses.



TruPhone is a real time phone validation service. This service can detect if a phone number is disconnected before purchasing a lead which allows lenders to reach their more of their customers and create more revenue. In addition to connectivity rates, lenders can also create filters regarding the borrowers phone type, carrier name, and/or caller ID Name Matching.

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